Plaanimisdialoogis alates 2008

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Paigutamata tundide sorteerimine

gpUntis 2008 alates on võimalik paigutamata tundide järjestust vajalikul viisil muuta - vajutades hiirega välja nime peal (nagu see paljudes tarkvarades võimalik on). Sorteeritakse kordamööda esmalt kasvavalt ja teise vajutuse järel kahanevalt.


Teachers with student total Display the student totals of the teacher in the scheduling dialogue

You can optionally display the number of students of a teacher right after the short name of the teacher in the scheduling dialogue. If students have chosen this course Then you see this number In any other case you will see the student total which is entered in the lesson window: number of students female and number of students male. (15983)

Rooms with capacity Display the room capacity in the scheduling dialogue.

You can optionally display the room capacity (right after the short name of the room in the scheduling dialogue). (15985)

Hide selected rows Scheduling dialogue: Hide rows

You can select several rows (e.g. in the column Mon-1 over several rows) and remove these rows from the view with the button . This function is useful if the display shows many rows e.g. after you activated the function . (54732)

Do not hide rows Scheduling dialogue: Not hidding rows

If the button is activated, all rows underneath the current lesson will be deleted automatically. If you lock rows with (infront of the name of each element is the sign '+') these selected rows will stay on the screen. For example, you are working on a PE lesson: Bring the sport halls into the display in rows 16,17 and 18 (in any case underneath the active lesson)

You can now see all sport halls at all times (simply type 'SH1' in row 16 in order to display the TT of 'SH1') (54734)

Time requests in Sched. Dial. Time requests in the scheduling dialogue

Specified time requests: You can customise the colours for the display in the time requests window unspecified time requests (day requests) representation in different purple hues. (54750)